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Massage as Unique

as the Clients We Treat

Each massage therapy session is customized specifically for you.

We are trained in many modalities and use a combination of techniques suited to your needs and preferences in any given session. We don’t label our massages “Swedish, Deep Tissue, MFR, Sports” because we don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach to massage.

Our Clients

Our team of New York Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs) will provide a well-tailored massage to fit your specific needs. While proficient in muscle relaxation and stress reduction techniques, we typically see clients who require more technical, deep tissue work. Our practice thrives on providing preventative care, restoring range of motion/function, eliminating pain from past injuries, overuse syndromes and other restrictive issues.

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If you find you're often disappointed with generic, spa massages, you may not be getting the individual care you need. We can help. Additionally, for long term effects, we will often advise and guide you through specific stretches, exercises and self-care techniques to help reduce muscle tension in-between sessions. Allow us to help you feel better: A healthy body opens the door to a better life. 

Hear what the owner has to say about Synergy Massage Therapy (formerly Pam Christenson Massage) in this interview on All Business Media's Professional Round Table 

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