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Corporate Massage

Why should you offer in-office massage therapy?

Many studies have proven that taking regular breaks from work are essential to improved productivity, energy, concentration, efficiency and creativity.



  • This added benefit makes you a more desirable place to work.

  • Increases productivity of your team.

  • Reduces your employees' stress and cortisol levels, keeping them healthier and happier, requiring less time off due to sickness.

  • Based on all of these returns, it’s very cost effective!



  • Employees feel valued and appreciated when they know their company cares about their health and wellness.

  • They love it and it blows their minds when their company pays for them to have a massage at work!

  • They brag about it to friends and colleagues, improving your brand's image.

  • 15 minutes can reduce stress and anxiety as well as reduce pain that may be distracting your employees from doing focused, good work. 

Give your employees the gift that gives back!

It’s a win-win for everyone! 

“Having in-office massage therapy has been hugely beneficial for our team, myself included. As the manager of employee perks, culture, and well-being; I have directly witnessed how offering this to our employees has benefited them in many ways... not only is it a nice time to unwind from the stress of the job and get away from a screen, but Pam has worked with each employee to individually get to know them and their needs. I have often come in with certain pains that can distract me from my work (tweaked muscles during exercise, a locked jaw from TJM, etc.) and she has not only been able to greatly help alleviate those issues (even in just the 15 minute slot I have with her!) but often gives me tips and advice on what I can do at my desk and at home to keep working on lessening those issues overall...That, coupled with the benefits of massage, allows the team to be more productive and in control of their emotions during the work day. I know I speak on behalf of our entire team when I say that having this benefit in our workplace greatly impacts employee health, well-being, and productivity!”


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