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Synergy Massage

Massage by Owner
60 minutes: $195
90 minutes: $280
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Massage by Erika
60 minutes: $180
90 minutes: $255
Western/Eastern Massage
60 minutes: $175
90 minutes: $250

All-Inclusive Rates, No Gratuity Necessary

Accepting cash, credit, and FSA cards. No refunds.

Massage therapists are health care professionals. Our treatments are priced for our team to receive fair wages without relying upon gratuities. Massage therapy is health care, not a luxury service. Just as you wouldn't tip your doctor or physical therapist, it is not necessary to tip us. Thank you.


Discounted packages are available for purchase in our office.

Synergy Team

60 minutes

5-Pack: $831

10-Pack: $1,610

90 minutes

5-Pack: $1,164

10-Pack: $2,254

Massage by Erika

60 minutes

90 minutes

5-Pack: $855

10-Pack: $1,656

5-Pack: $1,210

10-Pack: $2,346

Massage by Owner

60 minutes

90 minutes

5-Pack: $1,306

10-Pack: $2,530

5-Pack: $927

10-Pack: $1,794

Packages expire one year from purchase date

Spread the word about Synergy and receive a discount!

Refer a friend or colleague for a $50 discount or leave a google review with a description of your experience for $20 off of your next massage!

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Western Massage
Massage by Owner
Eastern Massage

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Western/Eastern Massage

Each massage is customized specifically for you. We are all trained in many Western Modalities and utilize a combination of techniques suited to your needs and preferences. These may include Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue and Swedish Techniques, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Cupping Therapy, Pre/Postnatal Massage, Passive Stretching, Heat, Vibration and others to restore your body and promote wellness. Most massages in the US utilize western modalities to increase circulation, break up adhesions, decrease pain and increase range of motion.

Eastern Massage is performed through your clothing. Please drop us a line to inquire about team members providing strictly Eastern sessions. While all NY state licensed LMTs are trained in both western and eastern modalities, only our LMTs with advanced eastern studies provide a strictly eastern session. Please wear sports/active wear to this session. Eastern Modalities including Shiatsu and Thai Massage utilize stretching and the physical manipulation of specific points along the energy channels of the body (Meridians/Nadis), that may be blocked and weakened. We will break up adhesions and stretch your muscles/connective tissues to encourage the flow of fresh blood and nutrients to help your body heal, leaving you feeling better, restored and more balanced. 

Massage by Erika

Erika is a veteran Synergy team member. She's continued her education both on her own and via mentorship and trainings with Pam. Erika's background as a dancer and the influence of her own Mother being a LMT has greatly informed her approach to working with bodies and helping patients move and feel better. Her techniques are mainly based in Western modalities. Erika books up about a week or two in advance, please plan ahead when scheduling your massage.

Massage by Owner

Pam has over 15 years of experience as a LMT and over 10 years as a mentor to massage therapists on her team. She has extensive training in western modalities and her preferred tools are Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue and Cupping Therapy. These sessions tend to be very focused on problem areas and are not often full body massages. If you are seeking a full body massage with detailed work, please consider a 90 minute session. If it's a Swedish or purely relaxing massage you seek, please choose another team member. Please note, due to high demand and booking out months in advance, she is not always able to accept new clients. Summer is the best time to seek an appointment as a new client. In the meantime, she highly recommends you book a session with one of the other talented Synergy LMTs. Pam only hires the best. You're in good hands with her or her team. 

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