Meet Your Team

Pam Headshot.jpeg


Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist

Hailing from MN, Pam is ingrained with a strong, Midwestern work ethic and aims to exceed expectations. She has been in NYC since 2004; has a background in dance and a BFA in theatre; both of which inform her approach to bodywork. Pam studied at the world renowned Swedish institute, where she later worked as an apprentice teacher and tutor. Pam utilizes many techniques including Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, Cupping and self-care education to treat chronic pain and range of motion limitations. She looks forward to helping you move better.

"My massage from Pam was the best! Her UWS space was very soothing and her attitude toward me as her client was like a doctor. She was very focused on massage as a health maintenance issue rather than as an extravagance. That showed up in everthing from her having a proper intake form to the questions she asked before we started. Pam even relieved an issue I had in my leg which had been bugging me for a few weeks. Relieved as in it's totally gone after one session with Pam! She really knows the body and she knows how to treat it. She's worth every penny!"

-Jim H.



Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Trainer

Aaron is a graduate of the Swedish Institute and an AMTA member. He has always felt that a holistic approach to healing and health maintenance is the key to a person living a happy life. He has trained in martial arts for over 20 years. He also teaches Capoeira and Yoga. Aaron believes that massage treatments should not be limited to a single “style” or “modality.”  He uses everything in his arsenal (including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Shiatsu, Gua Sha, Thai and Myofascial techniques) to address the client’s specific needs and to develop a holistic treatment plan with them.

"Aaron has been very helpful to me in managing my back, leg and hip pain. His massage is thorough, and I invariably feel better afterward. I highly recommend Aaron for someone who is seeking a massage therapist with not only excellent training, but an analytical mind to asses and treat each individual with whom he works. I feel fortunate to be able to benefit from his expertise." 

-Kay B.


JAHAIRA (Jah-'high-rah)

Licensed Massage Therapist

Jahaira graduated as valedictorian of her class at Rochester's Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage. A firm believer that the body responds best to attentive, slow and predictable touch, she uses a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapy in all of her sessions. Jahaira focuses on her client's primary complaint and relies heavily on their feedback, making the session a joint effort. No two massages are ever the same, as the human body is ever adapting. Jahaira has spent years looking for her niche in the healthcare field and has never felt more fulfilled than when she performs massage.

"Everytime I get a massage from Jahaira I leave feeling much more open and relaxed!  She knows the exact spots to apply deep pressure to the point where I can also feel other parts of my body relax.  The pressure is just right: the amount that I know is fixing the problem area, but not enough to make me feel completely uncomfortable.  I used to have a strange numbness go throughout one of my arms plus frequent headaches, but with massage those problems have decreased substantially.  The neck/shoulder work that Jahaira does is essential- otherwise my shoulders start curling into a gargoyle position!"



Instructor, Wellness Specialist

Barbara Lynn is a wellness specialist with over a decade of experience helping clients to achieve their goals for optimum holistic health. She is a Massage Therapist, Aesthetician and a Nationally Certified Clinical Aromatherapist. Barbara Lynn is currently working virtually. Utilizing her skills in essential oils, she's creating workshops to help others learn more about the benefits of essential oils. A New Yorker for over 25 years, she knows first hand that balance is the key for healthy city living, and that the alleviation of stress is an essential portion of this equation.

"Barbara Lynn has a way of understanding aches and pains, a pair of healing hands, and a lot of know-how that not only leaves me feeling better physically but mentally too. With some people you can tell they did their homework because they have a more educated sense of the body. With Barbara Lynn the work and love come together for a very restorative experience."


-Jen M.