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Meet Your Team

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Hailing from MN, Pam is ingrained with a strong, Midwestern work ethic and aims to exceed expectations. She has been in NYC since 2004; has a background in dance and a BFA in theatre; both of which inform her approach to massage therapy. Pam studied at the world renowned Swedish institute, where she later worked as an apprentice teacher and tutor. Pam utilizes many techniques including Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, Cupping and self-care education to treat chronic pain and range of motion limitations. She looks forward to helping you move and feel better.

"My massage from Pam was the best! Her UWS space was very soothing and her attitude toward me as her client was like a doctor. She was very focused on massage as a health maintenance issue rather than as an extravagance. That showed up in everthing from her having a proper intake form to the questions she asked before we started. Pam even relieved an issue I had in my leg which had been bugging me for a few weeks. Relieved as in it's totally gone after one session with Pam! She really knows the body and she knows how to treat it. She's worth every penny!"

- Jim H.



Erika is a native Floridian who has resided in New York since 2011. Her journey of becoming a licensed massage therapist followed after a very intense career as a dance instructor and performer. Upon drawing inspiration from her mother who is also a LMT and after treating 2 very painful injuries with massage, acupuncture, and PT she soon realized how powerful touch was. Erika enjoys practicing specific and personalized work for each client catering to their physical needs. Using a mix of different modalities such as swedish massage, deep tissue-specific work, myofacial release, trigger point release, etc. Erika uses her intuition and communicates with clients to deliver needed manual therapy that will improve physical limitations.

"I have been receiving therapy from Erika for my chronic back pain, caused by kyphosis and general problems with the alignment of my pelvis and spine. She is a great massage therapist, really good communicator and mixes various techniques to cater to my different needs based on the type of pain I experience. My chronic pain has reduced tremendously with Erika's sessions and I would wholeheartedly recommend her."

- Irem T.

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Graham has a background in dance and acrobatic circus arts. The knowledge he has gained about the body through these pursuits gives him a unique perspective about its functions and capabilities. Graham's purpose as a LMT is to help facilitate each person reaching their ideal health and wellness goals by providing personalized care through the use of different massage modalities and self-care techniques. While he specializes in trigger point therapy and myofascial release, he also likes to incorporate shiatsu into his sessions. Graham looks forward to supporting you on your wellness journey.

"As a professional aerialist, I find that Graham is uniquely aware of focusing on specific muscle groups and problem areas, especially as someone with previous injuries. He's a great listener and is wonderful at finding spots that need help. I can't recommend him enough." 

-Heather M.



Arlene has lived in NYC for most of her life. She has a background in biology and anatomy, which combined with her massage therapy education, provides her with an understanding of muscles and movement. This has helped her treat a multitude of issues from injury recovery to stress reduction. She utilizes various techniques and a bit of intuition to customize her sessions towards the needs of each patient. Arlene is also certified in Pre and Post natal massage. She aims to create an environment that is non-judgmental, caring, and healing. Massage is her passion, and she truly enjoys helping people feel better.

"Arlene is a very knowledgeable massage therapist. Very aware of how the body works and knows how to find the spots that will help you regain any function. She also knows how to control her pressure and will go deeper or lighten up depending on your preference. She will also make good suggestions for exercises or lifestyle changes you need to make to help yourself. She also knows several different techniques so she is able to work with anyone."


-David Herrera, Chiropractor

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